Residential Roofing Services

Installations, Replacements, & Repairs

Tejas Roofing & Gutters understands that your home is your most important investment, and a strong roofing system is a necessity to protect that investment. It's why we have made it our main goal to provide customers with the best solutions for their roofing problems at a competitive price, leaving you and your family covered for many years to come.

Front view of a mid-class home with new light brown shingles installed by Tejas Roofing & Gutters
  • task_alt Roof Inspections

    Yearly roof inspections can often save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars of damage to your home over time, as any vulnerabilities can be found and dealt with immediately.

  • task_alt Roof Installations

    Getting a new roof on your existing home or new construction project can be very stressful, but we're here to ease that burden and provide the best watertight and sturdy roof systems ever.

  • task_alt Roof Replacements

    Is your roof wearing out? Give it the upgrade it deserves with our full roof replacement and re-roofing services to rejuvenate its strength and aesthetics, while also increasing your home's market value.

  • task_alt Roof Repairs

    We are available around the clock to handle all of your roof repair emergencies in a quick and timely manner, especially those caused by a storm.

Large rural home with a black metal roof

Looking To Install A Metal Roof?

Metal roofs are very popular choices for both residential and commercial buildings, due to their durability and sleek look. They also generally last longer than asphalt shingles and require less maintenance over time.

When it comes to metal roofing, our product of choice is McElroy. Learn more about the styles and colors they carry and see if it's the right fit for your home.

Catalogs Of Our Preferred Brands

We feature and install products from these well-known and trusted manufactures. Browse through their selection of shingle styles and colors below.

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